‘Increased full limit won’t change pecking order’

Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull’s chief engineer Paul Monaghan believes next year’s increased fuel limits will have absolutely no impact on F1’s pecking order.

The FIA recently announced that next season fuel limits for grands prix will increase from 105kgs to 110.

Motorsport’s governing body is hoping that this will improve racing as drivers will be able to push harder.

But while Monaghan believes the show will improve in as much as drivers won’t have to lift on the straights, he doubts it will have any other impact on the racing.

“I don’t believe it will, no,” he said.

“Let’s take the ideal scenario, by which the Red Bull is the quickest car next year.

“We’ll get first and second on the grid, other people will be behind us and then in the race you’ll have 110kg of fuel to burn.

“If we all need to lift off a certain amount at the beginning of the race then you’re not going to change the order very much.

“What will happen is, let’s say if our engine is less fuel efficient, then we won’t be lifting off but we will go off the line slightly heavier.

“If anything, what we will avoid is all the people lifting off the straights to try and save the fuel, which I think will be better for the overall spectacle.”