Irvine labels Vettel ‘a spoiled brat’


Ex-Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine has called Sebastian Vettel "a spoiled brat" and is not in the same bracket as Michael Schumacher.

Vettel claimed his first victory since 2015 at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix as Ferrari look to launch a title challenge this year.

But Irvine believes the German's arrogrance has reached new levels as of late.

"Vettel is a spoiled brat," Irvine told

"He was already narcissistic when he first arrived to the Formula 1 show, but the admiration surrounding him prompted his current arrogance to blossom."

"That's how we behave…I was like that, so are Lewis [Hamilton] and Fernando [Alonso]."

Irvine also said that Vettel is nowhere near as good as Schumacher was.

"There isn't even an argument: Vettel is a good driver, but Schumacher was on another level," Irvine added.

"After a bad race, he would work with [Jean] Todt to figure things out. Michael used to do things with the car nobody has ever been able to replicate, not even a superb driver like Mika Hakkinen.

"Back in the day, Schumacher easily dominated, until a young wolf named Alonso emerged.

"Nowadays, Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton possess similar skills, I'd pick Hamilton as the best based on personal preference."