Isola doubts return of tyre wars in F1


Pirelli boss Mario Isola does not believe there will be a return of teams being able to choose from various tyre manufacturers in Formula 1.

Pirelli have been the sole tyre supplier since 2011 and this current run is the longest the sport has seen without multiple companies being used.

Whilst the introduction of other tyre suppliers would create another variable in Formula 1, Isola thinks it would not be a viable option to make it happen.

"At the moment we supply the same product to all the teams,” said Isola.

“That means we put all the teams on the same level, talking about tyres.

“If you go in the situation of open competition, something that happened in the past, you increase the costs for sure, because you need to test.

“You will have the top teams with a better product compared to the midfield or the lower teams as at this point you don’t have any obligation to supply the same tyres to everybody.

“[Therefore] you create a big differential between top teams and the others.

“Maybe with two or three tyre manufacturers you can have a couple of teams fighting at the top but the rest [will be] struggling with the performance.

“Because with the tyres you can easily find half a second per lap or more so you generate a bigger delta compared to now.”