Jones: Ferrari should sign Ricciardo

Date published: March 17 2016 - Editor

Former F1 World Champion Alan Jones believes Ferrari should sign Daniel Ricciardo as Kimi Raikkonen's replacement for the 2017 season.

Last season Ferrari rebounded in the championship, finishing second behind Mercedes in a year where Sebastian Vettel claimed three grand prix wins.

But while Vettel was taking the fight to Mercedes, Raikkonen's form stuttered leading to reports that he could be replaced.

Ricciardo was one of several drivers linked to his seat, however, in the end Ferrari opted to re-sign Raikkonen for a further season.

"Kimi's a little bit lucky to be there [at Ferrari]," Jones said during an Australian Grand Prix podcast.

"But I also think Ferrari has done the right thing in that the person you know is better than the person you don't know.

"They're probably thinking 'Stick with the known factor [for now]. We've got Vettel, we've got Kimi'.

"He [Raikkonen] does actually, on the odd occasion, put up a good race, so I think they've done the right thing.

"They've obviously got plans for what they're going to do next year, which I hope is going to be Daniel Ricciardo."

Pressed as to whether he had any concerns that another disappointing season at Red Bull could hurt Ricciardo's career, Jones said: "No, I'm not actually.

"They'll be running an engine called a TAG, which we know is a Renault.

"I'm glad to see a manufacturer come in, but that might give them the incentive to step up in terms of the engine development.

"But in terms of Daniel, I'm hopeful that he'll land that Ferrari seat next year."