Jos: Politics saved Vettel from penalty


Jos Verstappen believes only politics and the championship race saved Sebastian Vettel from being penalised for his antics in Singapore.

Vettel triggered the opening lap chaos when the pole-sitter moved across the track to cover Max Verstappen.

But with Kimi Raikkonen coming up the inside of the Red Bull driver, the trio found themselves wanting the same piece of tarmac.

The contact results in Verstappen and Raikkonen retiring immediately while Vettel spun later in the lap, crashing out.

Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, believes the German was entirely to blame but acknowledged that no penalty was handed down because of Vettel’s position in the championship race.

He told “Maybe it’s a political excuse because Vettel cannot allow anything.

“If they gave a real punishment, the championship will be over. That’s why I do not think there’s anything there.”