JV: Rosberg was 100 per cent wrong


Jacques Villeneuve says in the 1980s no driver would have pulled a move such as what Nico Rosberg did to Lewis Hamilton in Spain, as “they’d kill each other.”

Rosberg and Hamilton clashed on the opening lap of the Spanish Grand Prix as the Mercedes team-mate fought over the lead.

Rosberg had the advantage but closed the door on Hamilton leading to the Brit putting wheels, which pitched him into a spin that also took out Rosberg.

And although Hamilton took the blame and apologised to Mercedes, 1997 World Champion Villeneuve says the German was “100 per cent” to blame.

“You never saw it in the ‘80s because they’d kill each other. Now the drivers think they are in a video game,” he told The Mirror.

“It’s the one thing you never do. You can ask if Lewis should have been so aggressive but if you want to blame someone its 100 per cent Nico.

“He moved when Lewis had already made his move. You don’t do that, it’s why there is a rule in place It’s the most dangerous thing you can do in racing – and the unfairest.

“From that point of view he was 100 per cent wrong.”

He added: “Nico saw Lewis in the mirrors and pushed him onto the grass. You don’t do that.

“Nico waited too long. He should have come out of the corner and gone to the inside. Not wait until Lewis had started his move. You don’t do that.

“What could Lewis have done differently?”