JV turns his wrath on ‘unbearable’ Kubica


After having a go at Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz, Jacques Villeneuve has turned his wrath on Robert Kubica, saying he can’t imagine anything “positive” coming from his potential comeback.

Following a successful test at the Hungaroring with Renault, Kubica is being linked to a return to Formula 1 with the French team.

There are, however, other reports suggesting that he could in fact head to Williams next season.

But while fans are applauding the possibility of a comeback for the Polish driver, who has been out of F1 since suffering severe arm injuries in a rally crash in 2011, Villeneuve isn’t feeling it.

“I don’t understand it, honestly I don’t understand,” he said in an interview with F1nal-lap.be.

“First, who ever got an offer to return after six years? No one.

“In addition, at the end of his career, he was struggling against Petrov. He won his race [in Canada in 2010] like Maldonado, and after that what did he do?

“Add to that he is not 100 percent today. One wonders how he could cope? Or are the cars actually too easy to drive…

“If he didn’t have his problem, he would never have been given a second chance.

“That’s what shocks me! It’s just a public relations thing, and it bothers me because there are many other drivers more worthy but who wouldn’t get a second chance. I find that hard to digest.

“For him it’s great, and even better, he’s lucky.”

Villeneuve, though, wasn’t done.

“He was our third driver when I was with Sauber BMW and to be honest, he was unbearable. At that time, he was unbearable,” he added.

“Socially it was very difficult. For me, it was a terrible period.

“You know in the paddock you have to show respect. You must respect what others have accomplished in order to respect the environment you work in.

“So I have a little trouble imaging anything positive in his F1 comeback.”