JYS: Keep ‘essential’ European races


Sir Jackie Stewart has urged Formula 1's powers that be to "respect the sport's heritage" and keep the traditional European races on the calendar.

Germany won't feature for the first time since 1960 this year after the German Grand Prix was dropped as "the CRH [commercial rights holder] and promoter did not reach agreement".

Only Britain, Italy and Monaco remain of the so-called traditional races as the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours was axed after the 2008 season.

Italy's future is also not secure as commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone is yet to agree a new deal beyond the 2016 season with promoters, adding that "whatever goes, goes" in terms of European races.

Stewart, though, says the "essential" races should always remain on the calendar.

"That sounds like me being a purist," he is quoted as saying by the Associated Press. "But you have to respect history.

"They should always be on the calendar – it’s terrific we have a US Grand Prix, a Brazilian Grand Prix, one in Bahrain, and that we are going to new countries. But you still have to respect your heritage."