K-Mag showing his talent ‘in first good car’

Date published: June 28 2018 - Editor

Haas boss Guenther Steiner has said that Kevin Magnussen’s good start to the season is down to the fact he has all the right tools at his disposal for the first time.

Magnussen has 27 World Championship points to his name after eight races this year, which is more than the last three Formula 1 seasons combined.

The Dane’s best result came in Bahrain with a P5 finish, and Steiner thinks his improved performance is due to all right things being in the right place for him.

“I think it’s just the confidence,” Steiner said ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

“I personally think he’s in a good spot with his thinking, with his driving, everything.

“He’s confident, he knows the team, he has nothing to worry there, he doesn’t think about it, he trusts everybody, he’s got a good car available.”

“He just does what I think we all knew years ago that he can do.

Steiner also thinks the VF-17 is allowing Magnussen to showcase his unquestionable talent.

He added: “I think it’s the first time that in F1 he can show how good a driver he is. I think he showed it when he drove in F3 and all the minor series how good he is.

“I think it’s the first time he had a real chance with a good car, or a decent car, to show what he can do and that’s what it is.

“I find it quite simple why it is happening. He’s just showing what he can do.

“Everything around him works like this, he’s comfortable and that is what the outcome is. It’s simpler than we all think it is.”