Kaltenborn: Dominant team isn’t bad for F1


While many have decried Mercedes' current domination, Monish Kaltenborn says it is not a bad situation for F1 as long as they don't abuse their position.

Mercedes have dominated the last two seasons in Formula 1, taking both the Constructors' and Drivers' titles.

With 16 wins in each campaign, 11 1-2s in 2014 and 12 last season, Mercedes have been the superior outfit in the new 1.6-litre V6 era.

This has led to many lamenting their performances, adamant that Mercedes' form is putting fans off Formula 1.

Kaltenborn though disagrees.

"For me actually, that's [domination] never been any negative point in our series, because all of us have been in that situation," the Sauber team boss told Motorsport.com.

"If you go back to the years of Michael Schumacher, how many years did [Ferrari] dominate?

"And look at all the things which were attached to it – tyres were developed for one team, for one driver basically, and you never had these kinds of discussions."

She does, however, concede that in part it does depend on which team is dominating.

"There are teams which are liked more by the fans and some which are liked less by the fans," she added.

"But this is got to do with the team, the colour you saw out there in the grandstands was usually red.

"It was just good for the sport, it was going up like this, if you see in terms of viewers, sponsors, any other commercial deals, so that’s not a problem."

Kaltenborn added that she has just one request of any team dominating Formula 1 and that is that they don't only look out for themselves but for the sport as a whole.

"Every team plays their role in F1. To a team like ours, it doesn't really affect us in that way if one team dominates.

"But it is important that you don't use that dominance to push the sport in a direction which is maybe not good for the entire sport.

"You have to respect all teams, be it number one, number two or number 10, because everybody has their part to play and everybody contributes to the F1 show."