Kaltenborn wants engine cost cuts


As the debate over engine changes continues, Monisha Kaltenborn has urged the manufacturers to keep costs down no matter the specs.

Formula 1's switch in 2014 to 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines saw a massive rise in the cost of the power units.

And already there is talk of change.

The powers-that-be are looking into 1000bhp engines for the 2017 Championship, a year in which the sport could undergone a major overhaul.

However, whatever the decision is, Kaltenborn has urged the sport to take into account the costs and ensure those are reduced for those buying the engines.

The Sauber team boss told Autosport: "As a customer team, for us the most important factor on engines is what the cost is.

"The engines used to be such a big cost driver and we managed to move away from that for many years.

"But unfortunately now we are back to where we were which is not a very sensible thing."

With engines reportedly costing as much as £18m per year, Kaltenborn also believes customers should not have to pay towards manufacturer's R&D projects, another step that would help cut costs.

"While we fully understand as a customer that a manufacturer needs to showcase their core technology and latest technology, it should be at an affordable level," she added.

"I don't think we should be used to finance their R&D because they will produce that engine anyway.

"You will never see a Mercedes using a Ferrari engine or the other way round."