Kaltenborn would back a tyre war


As Pirelli and Michelin vie to become F1's sole tyre supplier in 2016, Monisha Kaltenborn has raised the question of why not both.

The last time Formula 1 had two suppliers – and a tyre war – was back in 2006 when Michelin and Bridgestone went head-to-head.

Michelin withdrew from the sport at the end of that year with Bridgestone staying on as the sole supplier until 2010 at which time Pirelli stepped in.

Formula 1 is once again on the verge of a potential change as Pirelli's current deal expires at the end of 2016.

And while it is a straight fight between Pirelli and Michelin for the job, Kaltenborn believes F1 would benefit from having both tyre manufacturers and a fresh tyre war.

The Sauber team boss told Auto Bild: "I think we should ask ourselves the question: why not again have two suppliers?

"People always speak negatively about the tyre war but it is something you can mitigate by making appropriate rules.

"For the teams it (the past tyre war) was a good time because we got the tyres for free and even the marketing was paid for."