Kimi: Arrivabene a good appointment


Kimi Raikkonen believes Maurizio Arrivabene is the “right guy” for Ferrari and will push the team forward.

Barely eight months after replacing Stefano Domenicali as team principal, Ferrari confirmed on Monday that Marco Mattiacci has been given the boot with Arrivabene named his replacement.

Arrivabene has been with Ferrari sponsor Philip Morris for the past 27 years and has represented all Formula 1 sponsors on the F1 commission since 2010.

“Obviously there was a change now,” Raikkonen told Autosport. “I know Maurizio from the past and he’s a very nice guy.

“I think he’s the right guy in the position he’s been put in.

“There’s a lot of hard work, not just for him but for everyone in the team.

“He’s known Ferrari for a long time and he’s known the business for a long time, and I think he has the right way of putting things in the right order and pushing the team to where we should be.”

The Italian squad struggled during Mattiacci’s tenure and finished the 2014 campaign without a victory to their name – the first time since 1980 that it has happened.

Asked how he had rated Mattiacci’s contribution, Raikkonen replied: “Obviously I think he did a very good job. I liked him.

“I didn’t really know him before – we hadn’t met before.

“I think coming from outside of Formula 1 into the position he came into is definitely not easy, and I think he did a good job.”