‘Kimi doesn’t like Monaco’


Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene has revealed that Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t particularly like the Circuit de Monaco which is why his performance was not up to standard.

The Italian claimed that his lackluster performance in Monte Carlo was not because he wasn’t motivated but because he sees it as a track he doesn’t do well on.

Raikkonen’s Monaco Grand Prix ended in an early retirement after he crashed into the barrier and dragged his wing back to the pitlane.

While most think that his Monaco drive proved that his time in the sport is coming to an end, Arrivabene explained that all top drivers have their least favourite track so it is not abnormal.

“Monaco is a track that Kimi has never liked,” explained Arrivabene.

“Each driver has his own black beast.

“I remember that Michael [Schumacher] did not particularly like the Istanbul circuit, and on that track Massa was always faster than him.

“But Kimi is concentrating very hard, although the trip to Monaco is one that he would willingly want to be taken off the calendar. However, I’m not sure that [Bernie] Ecclestone agrees.”