Kimi wants ‘more challenging’ F1


As F1 debates prospective rule changes, Kimi Raikkonen has urged those in charge to make it "more interesting" and "more challenge" for the drivers.

Following this month's Strategy Group meeting, F1 agreed to make the sport "five to six seconds" faster by introducing wider rear tyres, aerodynamic changes and reducing the weight of the cars.

Added to that, they also voted on higher revving engines, increased noise and the possibility of refuelling making a return.

But whatever they do, Raikkonen says he wants it to also be "more challenging" for the drivers.

"I mean obviously something has to change for the future to make it more interesting, to make it more challenging for us also," he told

"It would be nice to see the cars going faster and all those things."

The Finn also weighed in on the possibility of the current ban on some radio communication being extended to all communications.

And while he feels the current format has had little impact, he says a full ban would lead to drivers not finishing races.

He explained: "Overall I think it's not such a big deal to anybody but obviously taking the radio out completely would change a lot and probably in the beginning we wouldn't finish races.

"I don't think that's the way of making F1 more interesting."