Kubica ‘could make a comeback now’


Robert Kubica believes if he had a chance to spend more time in Williams’ F1 car he could make an effective return to racing.

The Polish driver contested his first practice session at a grand prix weekend in eight years on Friday.

It wasn’t, however, a good one for Kubica or Williams.

He finished down in 19th place with team-mate Lance Stroll 1.3s slower in 20th.

That, though, was due to the car and not the driver with Kubica confident he could return to F1 racing if given more time in the car.

He told BBC Sport: “I saw it in winter testing, I saw it now.

“Whatever is missing is only a question because I am doing it every two months – if something is missing.

“If I had a chance to drive every week, there is even more room to improve.”

The 33-year-old, who has not raced in Formula 1 since 2010, added that he “could make a comeback now.

“If I did not try to do it, I would not be here. I appreciate the opportunity. It gives me the opportunity to live my passion.”

For now, though, he’s “not thinking what will happen in the future.”