Kubica won’t return to ‘make up the numbers’


Robert Kubica is adamant he doesn’t want to be back in Formula 1 just to be a good story, rather he needs to be able to drive at a “high level.”

Kubica took part in a two-day test with Williams as the Yas Marina circuit this week where he posted the team’s fastest time.

However, that was set on the new hypersoft Pirellis while his soft tyre run was 1.3s slower than Sergey Sirotkin’s.

Williams, though, have yet to make a decision regarding Lance Stroll’s new 2018 team-mate.

And while Kubica is keen to return, he wants it to be for the right reasons.

“A lot of things have been written and talked about lately,” he said. “I think that’s normal because there are a lot of question marks and everybody has their own opinion.

“I think there are a lot of people who want to see me back because of the story.

“The story is nice but in the end there are no discounts for the story, in the end I have to make sure if I get the chance I am ready, and I have to be as best prepared as I can if something comes up.”

He added: “I appreciate it [support from fans] because I think there’s a lot of hope and a lot of wishes of a lot of people, but in the end I know how reality is.

“The reality is that once I’m in the car there is no story anymore, I have to be myself with the car and with the team and the job has to be done.

“First of all I have to be sure that I am able to do it and for sure every day is giving me a lot of confidence that things can work out pretty well.

“For my standards to be met it pretty much means I have to drive at a high level.

“If I’m coming back I’m not just here to make up the numbers. Although I’ve been away for seven years, with my limitations I have to be sure that I am able to provide my best possibilities and be the best Robert Kubica which I know.”