Kvyat: Better prepared for Singapore


Daniil Kvyat believes he is up for the physical test that is the Singapore GP, one of the "most challenging races" on the calendar.

Although the 61-lap grand prix takes place at night, the race is known for its heat and humidity.

The intense conditions alone would be brutal for any driver, however, Singapore has the added challenge of also being a street race.

Last season Kvyat was forced to complete the bulk of the grand prix without fluids as his water bottle stopped working.

This year, although he by no means wants to go through that again, he believes he is better prepared for the physical side of the race.

The Russian racer said: "It's definitely one of the most challenging races of the championship.

"It's the longest, one of the hottest, one of the most physically demanding races we face but having said that I do like the track, because although it's a street circuit, it's quite a bit quicker than Monaco.

"As grands prix go, it tends to have more atmosphere than the average."

He added: "Last year it was extremely tough because my water bottle didn't work, so it was a very difficult race.

"But this year I think I'm much better prepared from a physical point of view, so it should be fine.

"For example, Malaysia this year felt a lot more comfortable than last year and it's similar, so I think I will be OK."