Kvyat: Expect a faster RB12 in Canada


Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat has said that their RB12 will be able to challenge Mercedes and Ferrari after their expected Renault engine upgrade takes place.

At the recently concluded Chinese Grand Prix, the Russian impressively placed third behind Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel and race winner Nico Rosberg.

With their lack of straight line speed, the RB12 makes up for it on the corners, something Kvyat’s teammate Daniel Ricciardo has been taking advantage of in the last couple races.

With teams getting into the swing of things as the season progresses, Kvyat expects the new Renault engine upgrade, predicted to happen just before the Canada Grand Prix, to close the gap between them and Mercedes.

“Mercedes is still a bit of a step ahead but with the developments in the future races, probably around Canada, we can make a bit of a step forward,” the 21-year-old told ESPN.

“In some circumstances, we can be quite a big challenge to them.

“It was quite an encouraging race. I thought we were close in our pace to Ferrari. We are consistently third-fastest team on the track and with a bit of development in the future we can give a fight to these guys even a bit more. It’s all looking quite promising for the future.”