Kvyat: In F1 anything can happen


Daniil Kvyat has said he wants to finish off the season strong to show that he still has what it takes to compete for a top team after being dropped by Red Bull earlier in the driver.

While the Toro Rosso driver understands he is under contract with the Red Bull fold, the Russian said that it couldn’t hurt his chances if he puts in promising performances for the rest of the season, showing any interested parties that he still has a future in the sport.

“Yeah obviously Red Bull has an option on me but Formula One is a sport where anything can happen anyway,” Kvyat said.

“Nevertheless I always aim to deliver as high a performance as possible because this will always open more doors for your future.

“At the moment I am just thinking about what happens today with this team and I am giving my absolute best to Toro Rosso. Then we will see.”

Despite struggling since replacing Max Verstappen, the 23-year-old revealed he has become a better from the experience of being dropped as it helped deal with difficult situations on and off the track.

“In a way yes because in the last five years there have always been a lot of up and downs,” he continued.

“Of course in this last six months I would say it’s quite different and a not very comfortable atmosphere for working, I would say.

“But I still feel like normal, for me it’s all quite calm. I’m enjoying all the time on the track, I’m able to stay focused, able to work well with my engineers and we believe we are able to get closer and closer to extracting the maximum of the car.”