Kvyat: Not a happy end


Red Bull "will overcome" their current issues; that's the confident statement from Daniil Kvyat after yet another retirement.

The Russian driver has now completed just one of this year's three grands prix as once again his RB11 let him down, this time in Shanghai.

A tough Sunday afternoon saw Kvyat struggling to run inside the top ten having lost places at the start.

After 17 laps it was all over with an apparent engine failure leading to a firey end.

"It has been a tricky weekend and not a happy end to it," he said.

"It was messy at the start. I didn't have the best tyres and the other cars were faster than me."

It was not the first of the season but Kvyat is confident that Red Bull will fight back.

He added: "We will overcome these difficult moments."