Kvyat: Patience and a clean weekend


Daniil Kvyat is adamant there is no need to change his approach, he just needs to get in a “clean weekend” in order to start building his points tally.

The Russian racer had a difficult first half to the 2017 campaign, scoring just four points compared to his team-mate Carlos Sainz’s 35.

In fact he has racked up more penalty points than points and sits on ten, just two away from a race ban.

Kvyat, though, is confident his season can come right, he just needs a trouble-free weekend.

“No changes are necessary as the only thing we really need is a clean weekend, without any issues,” he said.

“If all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, it’s quite simple in fact.

“I’d put it like that: it’s much easier than it may seem to someone, who’s not involved.

“Everything works well, so yeah, no need for significant changes.

“Our pace is good, and results would be good as well.”

He added: “Talking about my side of the garage, I believe we show some good pace in qualifying.

“Especially during the weekends, when we managed to get the car into the optimal performance window.

“Setting up the car is a real challenge this year because of the very sensitive aero, which is now a major component.

“That is something we fail to do properly on some occasions, and it may lead to dramatic consequences.

“But in general, whenever we have a clean session, the pace is high on both Saturdays and Sundays.

“And this is something that makes us feel optimistic.

“Again, we just need to try and have a clean weekend, and the rest will be there.”

Summing up his season to date, the Russia racer believes there have been encouraging signs, adding that the results will come.

“The season opening was quite promising.

“I believe that in general, we had many promising weekends, but we just didn’t manage to get the maximal outcome.

“It was either technical issues, or I got in trouble during the first lap, which happened twice, what prevented us from scoring more points.

“Many times we had minor issues here and there which damaged us big time.

“But in situations like that, you just need to be patient.

“Sooner or later, the result will come: we have all the necessary ingredients.

“So, we just need to continue doing our work, trying to have cleaner Saturdays and Sundays and the reward will be there.

“Everything is under control, and you need to be pleased with your job, enjoy doing it. That’s the recipe.”