Kvyat: Progress over promises


Daniil Kvyat says he does not want promises from Renault, he wants action and to see the French manufacturer upping their game.

Entering the second season with V6 engines, Renault's problems from last season having continued into the new campaign.

Not only is their engine lacking in performance compared to the Mercedes power unit but reliability is once again letting them down.

Renault have vowed to take steps forward, promising improvement at the next race in Spain.

However, Kvyat says he doesn't want words, he wants action.

"I think we don't want any promises: we just want to see the progress itself," he told Autosport.

"Both as a team and on the engine side, we all want to improve.

"That means working with Renault, working with the chassis, me as well, working out where I can pick up the pace.

"It is a long process and hopefully we will come up with something."

But it is not just Renault who need to upgrade their package, it's also Red Bull.

The team is expected to debut new updates at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona.

The Russian driver added: "We plan some [upgrades], like many other teams.

"Hopefully it will work well, and I am confident that the team is going to move forwards from now on because we have been going backwards."