Lauda: Formula 1 is over-regulated


After a chaotic Brazilian Grand Prix, where we saw two red flags and five Safety Cars, Niki Lauda has claimed that Formula 1 is over-regulated.

With the repeated delays on Sunday, the mood around the paddock was mixed as some drivers wanted the race to be called off while others wanted FIA race director Charlie Whiting to let them race.

Lauda said he saw no issues with the weather and that the conditions were normal for a wet race.

“These were perfect conditions for a rain race,” the 67-year-old insisted.

“This is an example that everything is over-regulated.

“Okay, all the top drivers had their moments, perhaps with the exception of (Lewis) Hamilton. But this is normal in a rain race.”

“I think mistakes were made today so we need to get together with Charlie Whiting to do better in the future. Race drivers have to race, even in the most difficult conditions.”

The triple World Champion also heaped praise on prodigy Max Verstappen, saying drivers should use him as an example on how to drive in wet-weather.

“Some drivers should look carefully at Max and what lines this boy drives,” he concluded.

Interestingly, Lauda actually lost the 1976 Drivers’ Championship to James Hunt in Japan after he refused to race in the rain.