Lauda: Not up to Merc to spice things up


Niki Lauda insists it is not Mercedes' responsibility to take the lead to make F1 more exciting, adding they are out to "win every b****y race".

Mercedes look set for another clean sweep in both the Drivers' and Constructors' Championship this year as they already have six victories, including four one-two finishes, to their name after seven races.

The sport has also copped a lot of flak in recent months as many fans believe it is no longer exciting to watch and Merc's dominance has not helped, but Lauda, the team's non-executive chairman, says he can only look after the best interest of his squad.

"Guys, I'm not here in charge of your politics. I can only run, with Toto [Wolff] together, the team in the best possible professional way. Win every b****y race, that's what I'm here for and the rest I don't know."

Asked if Merc should do more to help change the sport, he replied: "We do take a lead for the sport, we win the races for you.

"Look at the Canadians – 12 percent more people here for this so-called boring sport, you are trying to tell me, with no noise. Only Canadians are crazy here. I just said to Austrian TV 'you crazy Austrians, think like the Canadians and all come to Spielberg!'"