Lauda: ‘Verstappen needs to sort himself out’


Niki Lauda has called on Max Verstappen to change his ways following his collision with Sebastian Vettel.

Verstappen denied himself the opportunity and at least join team-mate Daniel Ricciardo on the podium in China after the Safety Car worked to both of the Red Bulls' advantage.

But an unnecessary collision at the hairpin with Vettel, who was stuck on older tyres, resulted in a 10-second timed penalty for the Dutchman, which saw him slip down to P5.

The incident has seen Verstappen's driving style once again come under scrutiny, with Mercedes' non-executive chairman the latest to criticise him.

“It was completely Max’s fault,” said Lauda.

“When you compete in more races you should get more clever – especially when you want to win or challenge for the championship – but he is going the other way. He needs to sort himself out. Nobody can help him.”

Vettel said that Verstappen could no longer use his age as an excuse given that this is his fourth season in F1, and Lauda agrees with that sentiment.

“He is not young,” Lauda added. 

“He is old in Formula 1 now so he is like everybody else. It is not necessary because it hurts him as well.”