Lewis Hamilton in 31,800 nails!


This amazing nail portrait of Lewis Hamilton has been created using 31,800 individually hammered nails by acclaimed British artist, David Foster.  

It takes David between 70 and 100 hours to create each nail artwork – around 2-3 weeks work in his studio at his home in Merseyside. Due to the time it takes, David is limited to creating just 20 pieces of art each year – making each one even more desirable.

This is Foster’s first Formula One portrait. His football nail art of Steven Gerrard and Didier Drogba were purchased by the footballers themselves, and so Lewis isn’t expected to hang around for long!

The Lewis Hamilton piece measures 60cmW x 100cmH x 3.5cmD and is on sale in the PlanetF1 Shop for £3300.

The nail art is incredible when viewed in person – it’s both visual and tactile and provides a new view from all angles. Of course, prints of the artworks aren’t possible, so this is an absolute one-of-a-kind.

Lewis Hamilton will certainly be hoping he nails it in the final four races! See more & buy this unique creation in the PlanetF1 Shop!