Liberty annoyed by ‘noisy’ future talks


Liberty Media boss Greg Maffei has revealed his "surprise" about the loud "noise" surrounding the future of Formula 1.

The sport is facing an uncertain future as discussions continue about which direction Formula 1 should take following the expiration of the current Concorde Agreement at the end of the 2020 season.

The likes of Ferrari have threatened to quit after seeing the initial blueprint for the future, while Mercedes and Renault have also voiced their concern.

And Maffei has been taken aback by just how public these discussions are, especially when he was expecting Liberty and the teams to conduct their business in a private manner.

"You've seen some of the public discord where we're trying to build more balance by things like trying to build cost caps in, trying to level the payments out, so they're not so favourable to the winners," said Maffei.

"Why? We want to create the NFL perspective, where on any given Sunday somebody can win.

"There's some tension around that, and it's probably noisier yet than we thought it would be, and there will be more as we go through the period when we move up to renewing the Concorde Agreement for 2020, and renewing the relationship – or a different relationship – going forward.

"It's a little bit of a surprise how noisy all that is. Most of us are used to conducting business like that in private.

"Anything around F1 gets blared out across the headlines of the world, whether you like it or not."