Liberty made Bernie ‘a hitman with no bullets’


Ex-Formula 1 owner Bernie Ecclestone has said he has been left powerless by Liberty Media, but he still has the money to be able to influence the sport.

Ecclestone was made chairman emeritus following the £8.6billion takeover in January and admitted that he is at a loss as to what his new job title actually means.

“I don’t know really [what the job is]," Ecclestone told Top Gear in an interview.

"It’s a little bit like giving a hitman a gun and no bullets.”

“But I’ve got enough money to buy the bullets.”

Ecclestone also lamented the fact that Formula 1 is not about the drivers any more.

“The problem over the last two or three years has simply been no competition and now it looks like we got some," Ecclestone added.

“I think we ought to get rid of a lot of the silly regulations that restrict so many things for the drivers and the people building cars.

“It’s become an engineers' championship not a drivers' championship.

"It’s the drivers that should be driving the cars, they’re the ones who should win the races and get all the credit for doing what they have done.”