Lotus holding up Manor-Merc deal


While most of the headlines have been about Red Bull and Lotus, Manor are poised to change engines next season but that is being held up by Lotus.

At present Manor are powered by Ferrari having agreed a deal during the team's 11th hour rescue bid to run year-old Ferrari power.

Next season, though, the backmarker outfit could potentially have the best engine on the grid as a deal with Mercedes is in the pipeline.

However, with Mercedes uncertain as to whether Lotus will be bought by Renault and thus swap to French power, Toto Wolff says that is holding up the Manor deal.

"We like Manor a lot because there is a competitive edge to the whole story," Wolff revealed.

"If Manor gets the right chassis and engine it would be a pretty interesting narrative of how the team develops.

"But for us at the moment we are a little bit on standby as we need to understand what will happen with Lotus and then move from there.

"This is where we are."

The motorsport boss added that if Lotus and Renault don't make an announcement soon, Mercedes will make their own call.

"We are not in a position to give Lotus or Renault a deadline," he told Autosport.

"But there needs to be a moment when Manor knows what is happening, and we need to know who we are supplying with engines.

"We are very close to that moment, to that decision. If they don't take the decision then we will decide."