Lowe backs two DRS zones


McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe says that every track should have two DRS zones in 2013…

McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe says that every track should have two DRS zones in 2013.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting announced last week that from next season teams will no longer be afforded unlimited use of DRS on Fridays and Saturdays.

With this in mind, Lowe believes that in order for there to remain an incentive for teams to maintain their current ratios, multiple DRS zones are needed at every grand prix. This season, only four of the 19 circuits – Melbourne, Monza, Buddh International Circuit and Yas Marina – had two DRS zones.

“We believe that, particularly if [FIA race director] Charlie [Whiting] arranges for two DRS zones at every circuit, which is what he’s committed to doing, that this will give enough incentive to ratio the car appropriately – pretty much as we do now, the same as if we had free use of DRS,” Lowe explained during a Vodefone McLaren Mercedes phone-in.

The Briton believes that DRS is a “tremendous solution” to the long-standing problem of overtaking.

“At some circuits it doesn’t [help]. India I think was a good example of that – surprisingly, actually, because it’s got a good long straight there, it didn’t seem to allow overtaking,” he said.

“And then you get other circuits where arguably it’s too easy. It might be that we should look at that and try and trim the direction on those outlying circuits. But in general I think it works well.

“I don’t hear people talking about it being some sort of fix or artificial solution. I think it’s something that the driver has to play tactically and use with tremendous skill.

“We saw that on Sunday with Lewis and Sebastian. That was a fair fight, a very very close duel. Ultimately Lewis got past using DRS but it wasn’t easy and everybody admired the skill with which he did it. So I think generally it’s working very very well.”