Lowe: It is up to Stroll to do it better


Paddy Lowe says it will be “interesting” to see how Lance Stroll develops as a driver this season without Felipe Massa around to pace him.

Last season, in his debut campaign, Stroll was up against the vastly experienced Massa as his Williams team-mate.

Massa outscored Stroll by three points, however, the Canadian was the only driver outside of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull to reach the podium.

This year, the 19-year-old will have Sergey Sirotkin as his team-mate meaning it is now up to him to better himself as a driver.

“We should still remember he is still 19, which is still very young although he is a very mature young man for that age,” said Lowe.

“But he is on a completely different level to how he was 12 months ago and I think we will see that in the way he approaches races.

“It’s a different context for him with Sergey alongside him rather than Felipe that puts a different focus for him.

“Felipe was a great reference for Lance but we need to develop in ourselves and not use external references.

“It’s an interesting change and I will be intrigued to see how it plays out.

“Sergey is not a known reference like Felipe and that gives Lance a different context.

“There’s almost a bad thing about saying ‘my mission here is to match Felipe’.

“Actually your mission is to do something and then decide how you can do it better.”