Lowe reveals difficulties with Halo development


Williams' chief technical officer Paddy Lowe has said that implementing the Halo for the 2018 season has been a "big project" and one that has been "quite difficult".

The much-maligned cockpit safety device is to be introduced next season and Williams are the latest team to discuss just how arduous the process has been to add it to their car.

"It's a big project to put that in the car," Lowe said via Motorsport.com. "We're still working on it, and the integration is quite difficult.

"There are very high loads to accommodate, so I think the bigger impact is structural rather than aerodynamic."

Lowe also added that there not much room to manoevure in order to make performance gains from the Halo, with only minor adjustments being allowed to be made under the FIA regulations.

"There is some performance [in it] I guess. Probably the major area is how efficiently you can provide the mounting requirements to meet the loads – how much weight do you have to throw at that problem? Because it's all weight."

"There are some minor aerodynamic effects. We haven't seen it as a huge project – the detriment is not particularly large. There is some room for manoeuvre there, but not a lot."