Luckless Sainz staying upbeat

Date published: November 11 2015 - Editor

Things just haven't gone Carlos Sainz's way during his debut season, but he says the feeling towards him from the Red Bull bosses remains positive.

After starting his Formula 1 career with two top 10 places in his first two races, the Toro Rosso rookie has managed to finish in the points on only four other occasions as his season has been blighted by misfortune.

The Spaniard has failed to see the chequered flag on six occasions with most of his DNFs attributed to mechanical problems, including his retirement in Russia where he appeared to be set for a good haul of points before his brakes failed.

"I think I am in one of my unluckiest years of my career, especially regarding the reliability, I feel that everything that could happen has happened," he said in an interview with

"Sochi was a difficult one to take after such a recovery and knowing afterwards that we could have finished P5. To get the brake failure was complicated.

"There was a time in the middle of the year where I did five consecutive races where I was running in the points but didn't finish in them. So it’s been a difficult one to take but in the end thanks to the speed and some good races the feeling towards me is positive still.

"Maybe with a normal year with so many retirements probably I would not even have been watched so there are still positives to take out of it."

While the 21-year-old has been luckless, his team-mate Max Verstappen has received rave reviews as he is 10th in the standings and 29 points ahead of the Spaniard.

However, Sainz says the powers that be at Red Bull are very happy with him.

"The team is fully aware of this, they know more than anyone what has happened to me this year," he said.

"Red Bull knows it more than anyone too, and they have already also calculated the points that I could have without all these failures and they are very happy with it. I think a lot of people would be surprised to know my points score without these failures and without all these retirements!

"A lot more for sure! Three times or four times more than what I have now – I don’t really care if it puts me ahead or behind Max, I just know it’s much better for me, for sure."