Magnussen discusses ‘qualifying struggles’


Haas driver Kevin Magnussen has conceded that he has struggled in qualifying this season but feels he made amends in the actual races.

Magnussen was outqualified by his team-mate Romain Grosjean on 12 out of 20 race weekends in 2017 but was one of the strongest starters off the grid, making up 1.74 positions on average.

The Dane finished 14th in the World Drivers' Championship with 19 points, but he is hoping for further improvement if the balance of the car can be rectified.

“I think it’s been my best year, especially on Sundays," Magnussen said. "But this year hasn’t been my strongest year in qualifying.

"This car is a bit oversteery on entry to the corners and that’s not my preferred balance in the car. I struggle a little bit when I have oversteer on entry.

"I can handle mid-corner and exit, and also in high-speed, but if I can’t brake and enter the corner with a stable rear I struggle a little bit so that’s been a little bit of a problem this year. It calms down in the race, when you fill up the car with fuel."