Magnussen: Formula 1 needs to look sexy


Renault driver Kevin Magnussen has expressed his admiration for Red Bull’s Aeroscreen concept over Ferrari’s Halo.

With the FIA confirming that they will push ahead to introduce the Halo in 2017, Magnussen has claimed that the Aeroscreen is more aesthetically pleasing.

However, Red Bull’s concept is not fully developed and it has been revealed to only be considered as an official cockpit protection option for 2018.

“It’s difficult to say before I’ve run it, I would say the Aeroscreen looks better from how I think it looks,” said the Dane.

“I think it looks better than the Halo, but to be honest, luckily it’s not up to me to make these decisions.”

When quizzed on whether or not the refined Halo concept, which will be trialed in June, should be less bulkier, Magnussen answered: “I hope so.”

“Formula 1 needs to look sexy, but we can’t not do what needs to be done for safety.

“It’s a difficult one, I don’t really want it but I also don’t want to die or anyone else to die and you can’t not do it if it helps safety. It’s just a pity that that’s how it is.”