Magnussen: Hamilton always gets in the way


Kevin Magnussen wasn’t impressed with Lewis Hamilton’s driving in Friday’s practice for the Hungarian GP, complaining that the Brit “always gets in the way.”

Magnussen had a wretched time on Friday at the Hungaroring as he missed the opening hour of FP2 after Antonio Giovinazzi crashed his car during first practice.

And with a red flag in the final half an hour of second practice, every lap was even more important than the last for Magnussen.

As such he was not impressed when he felt that he was held up by Hamilton.

Asked about the incident, he told “There’s no one in front of him and he still decides to go extremely slow in the last sector when I’m on a good lap.

“It’s just unnecessary for him to be that slow on the last sector, with no one in front of him. He always gets in the way so it’s not news.

“I only did four laps today and he managed to get in the way.”

He added: “What can I do? I’m not driving his car. Some drivers just really don’t care.

“It would be the same when he’s on a good lap in qualifying one day, I’m not going to care. But we’ll see.

“There’s not anything illegal in what he does, it’s only a bit disrespectful.”