Magnussen: Kimi is ‘erratic’ and ‘desperate’


Kevin Magnussen has brandished Kimi Raikkonen as “desperate”, “confused”, and “erratic”, and has accused the Finn of disrupting his Q3 effort.

The Dane came up on Raikkonen while he was getting ready for his last attempt in qualifying on Saturday afternoon.

KMag got past the 2007 World Champion but the Finn raced him down the main straight and was in front going into Turn 1, before eventually backing out of his hot lap attempt.

The Haas driver carried on with his lap, but could only manage Q9, the slowest time on the board, prompting a “What the f*** is he doing?” heard on the radio.

And when he got out of the car, Magnussen was not holding back when it came to talking about his fellow driver’s actions.

“He f***ed all his laps, he had fuel for I don’t know how many laps, everyone else has fuel for one lap, so to begin with I thought he would box because he f***ed his lap,” Magnussen said in anger.

“And then he tries again immediately the lap after. Overtakes us, backed off again – then surely he is going to box. But then he tries again,” the Dane continued. “So it is three laps in a row that he tried to push and it makes no sense. There is no way to predict what he is going to do.”

The Haas man then spoke about his lap, and said about whether what Raikkonen did would be looked at by the stewards.

“And then he obviously overtakes me into Turn 1, and f***s my lap, and doesn’t even complete his lap,” the Dane added. “I don’t know if what he did is against the rule, but surely he is impossible to predict.

“And also he is stopping at Turn 14, then he is pushing, then he is stopping, that is erratic driving in my mind, but I don’t know if it is in the stewards’ mind,” he ended with.