Magnussen optimistic about overtaking

Date published: February 13 2017 - Editor

New Haas recruit Kevin Magnussen is hopeful that the new 2017 regulations will lead to more opportunities for drivers to overtake.

There is concern that, while the aerodynamic changes will result in cars setting much quicker lap times, overtaking will not necessarily become more prevalent in races.

But Magnussen is holding out hope that there will be more wheel-to-wheel racing over the course of the season.

"The DRS should have a bigger effect than last year as there is more downforce and drag on the rear wing," Magnussen told Autosport.

"When you open the DRS it should make a bigger difference to the car in front, so there are things that point to better racing.

"With more downforce, you would think it would be hard to stay close but we will have to wait and see."