Magnussen: Vandoorne deserves F1 seat


Although one could argue that Stoffel Vandoorne is one of his biggest rivals for a F1 seat, Kevin Magnussen says the GP2 driver "deserves" to be in F1.

Both McLaren proteges, Magnussen and Vandoorne are next in line should either Jenson Button or Fernando Alonso walk away.

Both drivers, though, are under contract for 2016 meaning agnussen and Vandoorne will have to look elsewhere for a 2016 race-seat.

And although Magnussen's efforts to return to the grid could be undone by Vandoorne, he feels the Belgian deserves a ride given his incredible form in this year's GP2 series. Vandoorne has won all three feature races.

Magnussen said: "Stoff [Vandoorne] is doing a really good job, and he deserves to get to F1 – I think there is something wrong if he doesn't get there.

"But everyone is a threat when you are competing for an F1 seat. I just have to focus on myself, and not really worry about anyone else because I can't do anything about it.

"McLaren believe in me – I've done well in F1, been on the podium – so they know what I can do and where my potential is. I have a lot of faith in McLaren and that they will take care of my career."

Magnussen, who signed as McLaren's test and reserve driver after being dropped following one year of racing, added that while he would like to be plying his trade on a Sunday afternoon, he believes his career will thrive even with a year away from racing.

"I have itchy feet, but I am also very young and have a lot of time ahead; so I can afford one year to do what I do now, which is learn and get a bit more experience and learn about different things I perhaps wouldn't learn about if I was in the car."