Magnussen: Vandoorne must learn from Alonso


According to Kevin Magnussen, Stoffel Vandoorne will have the ideal partner next year in Fernando Alonso at McLaren-Honda.

The Dane said that McLaren-Honda are in a good space right now so Vandoorne is fortunate to enter the side at this time.

He also added the young Belgian driver must absorb as much information and skill from the double World Champion as possible.

“He’s been very lucky to come into Formula One in a very good time, come into McLaren in a very good time,” Magnussen told

“I think a lot of good things are happening there, and I think it is a very good place to be at now.

“He will have someone that he will have to pay attention to. He will have to look at what he is doing and learn from what he is doing.

“[Vandoorne] is up against one of the best in the sport. He will be able to show properly what he can do because of that, so I think he has everything that you can ask for to make a future for yourself in Formula One.

“[Alonso] has so much experience, and this experience is what you need to really pay attention to and learn from it as much as you can.”