Major Sauber updates in August


Sauber will in all likelihood wait until the Belgian Grand Prix in August before running an updated Ferrari engine in the C-34.

Team principal, Monisha Kaltenborn, believes although this is only in five races time, it does mean that Ferrari would have improved their engine even further. 

"We have been told Ferrari is still doing development, so from that perspective, we expect a bigger upgrade in the engine after the summer break."

Sauber themselves are are looking to have a number of updates ready at the same period and Kaltenborn believes that this, coupled with the engine update, will be extremely beneficial around the Spa circuit. For the time being, she is confident that the current engine will stand the team in good stead for upcoming races.

"If it happens like this, it will come at a time when we hope to introduce a big update package for our car. Spa is a race where the engine update will really matter. The next ones coming we are alright," she said. 

Kaltenborn said that Ferrari has mentioned that the engine upgrade package could be given sooner, but that Sauber had their own strategy in place for the season. She denied that finances were forcing the team to hold back on the upgrade.

"It did not have anything to do with finances." 

"But you have to look at your own strategy and see what you are most comfortable with. We are on our second engine [of four] and they [Ferrari] are getting in the third engine so obviously they have a different strategy."