Maldonado: With risk comes mistakes


Pastor Maldonado says his reputation as a driver who crashes is because he's the one who has "the big balls" to test the limits.

Last Sunday the Venezuelan driver was once again involved in an incident, this time with Felipe Massa.

The Williams driver accused him of ruining his grand prix by hitting the back of his car and damaging the diffuser.

It was just the latest in a string of incidents for Maldonado, who has at least been exempt in one of this year's crashes which was when Jenson Button drove into the back of him in China.

However, Maldonado feels his reputation is undeserving.

"I have always had the big balls to cross the limit every time," he told the Telegraph.

The Lotus driver added: "When Pastor crashes, it's big news. When the other people crash, there is no news. It's like this.

"Normally in the past we saw even bigger penalties for these kind of things [the Button incident]. Similar situations. Especially with me.

"To find the limit, you need to cross the limit. I think I have the big balls to cross the limit every time.

"They were the good things in my career. I have been winning in everything in the past.

"I won in Formula One with a not competitive car, competing against Ferraris, McLarens, Red Bulls. Sometimes you risk and you do mistakes."