Manor ask Indonesia to back Haryanto


In an attempt to retain Rio Haryanto’s seat in Formula 1, Manor racing director Dave Ryan has pleaded his with driver’s home country, Indonesia, to continue to fund him so he can carry on racing for them.

Haryanto is already being financially backed by the Indonesian government, and his debut season in the sport has been quite positive according to Ryan, and is hoping that he can continue to work with the youngster.

However, with uncertainty hovering around the 23-year-old’s future, the Manor boss has pleaded with his financers to continue their support.

“Rio has a contract with us,” Ryan said.

“Everyone is working hard on it and we’re really hopeful that it’s going to carry on. He’s backed by the Indonesian government so quite a bit of it is down to them but Rio is a a great addition to the team.

“He’s performed really well, opened a lot of people’s eyes really. He’s doing a superb job and we’d just like to be in a position for it to come right for him really.

“He just needs a few things to come his way but he’s done some great jobs. He’s qualified really well at times, he’s got a good understanding of the car, and he’s quick. But it’s all just got fall into place.”

When quizzed about if there is a deadline to secure Haryanto’s drive at Manor for the rest of the season, Ryan answered: “There may be, I’m not aware of it to be honest.”

“But we’re working hard. I’m aware everyone is working very hard on it and I’m very hopeful it will carry on.”