Manor postpone new car to 2016


Manor's plans to introduce a new car this season have been pushed back to 2016.

Sold in an 11th hour rescue bid, Manor have raced a modified 2014 chassis in this year's championship with the car powered by an older version of the Ferrari engine.

The team had hoped to debut a new chassis midway through this season, however, have now declared that they will wait until 2016.

"The plan we had at the start of the year envisaged making some major change to the chassis and power unit during the 2015 season," Manor sporting director Graeme Lowdon told Autosport.

"But as we developed and recruited more people, it became less and less feasible to go down that route and more and more advantageous to keep developing the next chassis.

"The rate of development of that chassis has been good and the optimum time to push that button was getting pushed back.

"Everyone is confident that when next car comes along, it will be a major step forward.

"I would imagine that is going to be next year. We're in flyaways now and with the production time and everything else, doing it this year would be tough."

However, just because they aren't racing a new car that doesn't mean Manor would run new parts for their existing chassis.

Lowdon revealed that the team could introduce upgrades at either the Singapore or Japanese races.

He said: "I'm pretty sure we'll have some new things in Singapore and/or Japan

"There are a lot of upgrades which are applicable to next year's car so it's not costing us development time.

"They will not be detracting from our 2016 plans. If anything, it's complimentary, so yes, we'll definitely keep bringing things."