Marko: No feud between Kvyat and Vettel


Clashing heads for a second time in a row, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has insisted that there is not feud between Daniil Kvyat and Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel.

Kvyat received plenty of backlash after he hindered teammate Daniel Ricciardo's race and caused Vettel to retire early due to his reckless driving.

Two weeks ago in China, Vettel, a four-time World Champion, lashed out at the Russian in the backroom of the Shanghai International Circuit before the podium presentation, blaming him for taking his teammate Kimi Raikkonen out the race.

However, despite the drama surrounding Kvyat and Vettel, Marko has explained that the German driver is mature enough to not hold any grudges in this sport.

"I think Sebastian is hard-wired to know that revenge doesn't do him any good," he told

"He has to concentrate on getting good starts and bringing the car home in one piece. That's why I think this won't be an issue."

Marko also added that the 22-year-old will be summoned for talks about the incident during the week and also chat about how he can prevent it from happening in the future.

"Let's cool down a bit," he added. "During the week we will talk about this.

"I said one word to him. The rest still has to be said.

"It's a pity because he did not only ruin Vettel's race and Ricciardo's race, but also his own race. He had to do an extra stop. It was a day of disaster for Red Bull.

"In contrast to Shanghai I understand him completely this time. He is right."