Marko: Verstappen gave away the win

Max Verstappen: Helmut Marko and I are closer than ever

Max Verstappen: Helmut Marko and I are closer than ever

Helmut Marko believes Max Verstappen cost himself the victory in China with his audacious attempt at passing Sebastian Vettel.

Having earlier had troubles trying to pass Lewis Hamilton, which he eventually made stick, Verstappen with his fresher ultrasoft tyres closed up on Vettel.

However, that pass didn’t go according to plan.

Verstappen dived into the inside at the corner and hit Vettel, pitching both drivers into a spin.

Both lost positions but while Vettel was the biggest loser on paper, Marko reckons Verstappen cost himself a shot at the victroy.

“Max overdid it by trying to overtake Vettel,” he told Movistar. “It was a mistake from him.

“He apologised. That can happen in racing.”

Marko spoke with Verstappen after the race and revealed what he told the Dutch driver.

He said: “His time will come. He just shouldn’t overdo it. He knows what he lost.

“There was a victory for him on the table, but he gave it away.

“But still it was a very good drive from both our drivers. He 19 or 20, he’s bloody young, and it can happen.”