Marko: We won’t be without an engine next year


After their deal with Renault expires at the end of the season, Red Bull Racing motorsport advisor Helmut Marko has insisted that they have a variety of options for 2017.

Red Bull fell drastically behind Ferrari and Mercedes in 2014 after Renault failed to produce a competitive engine for the new V6 era.

Wanting to get back to their winning ways, which saw them claim four World Championships, Marko said that their next engine will definitely be competitive enough to challenge the front-end of the grid.

"We have options," the Austrian told

"We won't be without an engine next year.

"We have an option, but we want a competitive engine, one that you can run at the front, that you can win with.

"There are still discussions to equalise power within two per cent or bring the so-called independent engine in again.

"Let's see what happens with the regulations and let's see what development the engine we are using, which is a TAG Heuer, is doing this season."