Marussia preview the Singapore GP


Max Chilton wants to be put on a good showing at the Marina Bay while Jules Bianchi has a good feeling about the track.

Max Chilton: “It’s great to be heading back to Singapore. It’s a fantastic city and the atmosphere of the night race is totally electric. I have great memories of winning there in GP2 in 2012, so it’s always nice to come back and race here. The track is not dissimilar to Monaco, another street circuit, and we know our car is well-suited to those track characteristics. I had quite a good race here last year and with only six races remaining, it’s important that we have a good showing at every round.”

Jules Bianchi: “I really enjoyed my first night race experience here last year; it’s such an unusual and exciting event with a really great atmosphere. It’s fun, doing things differently. Having to push yourself to adopt a new regime is an interesting challenge that requires real discipline. The track characteristics are quite a lot like Monaco, which is a race that is special for a couple of reasons, not least because I finished in the points there. With so many similarities, this is a circuit that also gives me a good feeling. Last year the race did not pan out so well for me, but we learned a great deal and I hope we can bring that experience together to achieve a good result this year. Our car should work well here with all the corners, and as it is often an eventful race, we will be fighting to take advantage of every opportunity.”

John Booth – team principal: “Singapore is a fantastic destination at which to begin the final phase of the season. The tempo of the races really steps up a notch from this point as, up and down the field, there is still so much to play for. So it is quite fitting that we get the fly-away races underway in such a vibrant city and one which does a fabulous job of hosting a Grand Prix. Over the past four years we have become well-versed in coping with the unique challenges that this event poses; racing under the lights, operating to a European schedule, eating breakfast in the afternoon, to name but a few. That familiarity has done little to diminish the whole experience and we are excited to get into the swing of the race weekend proper. Of course, the Marina Bay Street Circuit closely resembles Monaco, and within our team we cannot think of Monaco without remembering it as the biggest milestone in our young history – our first points. One cannot take anything for granted though; just like Monaco this is a very unforgiving and demanding track that punishes even a small mistake. Nonetheless, we know our drivers enjoy the tough conditions this race presents and will make the most of the fact that this track, with it short straights and plentiful corners, is one that is ideally suited to our package.”