Massa meets Max in Montreal presser


Felipe Massa is standing by his opinion that Max Verstappen deserves the penalty for his Monaco GP crash but the youngster has hit back at the Williams driver.

Verstappen brought out the Safety Car at the last race in Monaco when he clipped the back of Romain Grosjean's Lotus and speared into the barrier at Sainte Devote.

The Toro Rosso rookie, who has revealed that the impact was 30Gs, walked unhurt and was later penalised.

The stewards felt Verstappen was in the wrong and handed him a five-place grid penalty for this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix.

And Massa, one of his staunches critics in the wake of the accident, has reiterated that the penalty was the right call.

"I think he needed to be penalised because what he did was wrong," he said in Thursday's press conference in Montreal.

"I think when you are in your first year, 17 years old and you do something like that and you are not penalised it is completely wrong.

"The FIA needs to be strong in a proper way, which is what they did. I don't change my mind. That is what I believe.

"We need to follow the rules, I thought what he did was wrong."

Verstappen, however, was unimpressed.

Again insisting that he had done nothing wrong, braking no later than he did on the previous lap, he then called Massa's 2014 Canadian GP crash into question.

He said: "Everyone can have his opinion but look at my data, I didn't brake later.

"I braked later in the race before that, and that lap was the same as the lap before.

"I got my penalty but am focusing on Canada now. Maybe we should review the race from last year and see what happened there…"